Best Motorcycle Helmet 2018: Your Comprehensive Buying Guide

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  • Full-Face Helmet: If you want one that is able to deliver the most extensive protection, this is what you should choose. It provides coverage on both the front and rear of the face. It also comes with a shield or visor to offer protection for the eyes.
  • Open-Face Helmet: This is the ideal choice for those who would like protection for the face, but would still rather feel the wind on their face. Nonetheless, because it has an open face, there is a possibility that the head will be ejected in the event of a crash.
  • Off-Road Helmets: These helmets can be open face or full coverage. One of its most distinctive factors is chin protection and elongated visor. There is also usually opening in its goggles. These helmets are made specifically for off-road biking enthusiasts.

  • Provides excellent ventilation
  • Stylish appeal
  • Comes with an anti-fog face shield
  • Lightweight construction

  • Does not provide full face coverage
  • Shield is quite flimsy
  • Size is too small


Duke Helmets DK120 Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

One of the reasons on why we believe that this is going to be an unrivalled option for the best motorcycle helmet is the fact that it exceeds FMVSS-218. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 218 is a category in the United States that is given to helmets that abide with the safety requirements that have been specified by the law.

The materials that are used in this helmet should be also commended. It is made using composite poly-alloy, an advanced material that is known for the benefit of being lightweight. In spite of the minimal weight, however, such material delivers unsurpassed durability, providing you with the assurance that the helmet will withstand heavy impact.

Another thing that we would like to commend about this helmet is the 7-point ventilation system. With the latter, your comfort is assured as it encourages exceptional airflow. This can prevent sweating and foul odor.
It also comes with a UV resistant visor, which will provide protection for the eyes while making sure that you can still see the road clearly.

  • Well-ventilated
  • Solid construction
  • Comes with removable cheek pads

  • Poor quality liner
  • Inferior design of the chin strap

1Storm Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

With a glossy protective finish, this is the best motorcycle helmet for those who are looking for one that comes with an aesthetically-pleasing design. With such, it will be easy to turn heads when wearing this helmet as it comes with an attractive design.

In terms of its construction, it comes with an outer shell that is made from aerodynamic thermoplastic alloy. The latter is a material that is commended within the product category because it is lightweight, yet it makes the helmet rigid.

For the interior, it comes with a removable padding, which is also washable. This is good in terms of hygiene and will also prevent the helmet from having foul odor in the long run as the inner padding can be washed as preferred.

The interior’s padding should be also highlighted because of the comfort that it is offered. Even on a long ride in a hot weather, you can be confident that you will remain comfortable.

  • Excellent visors even if it is sunny
  • Comfortable chin strap

  • Sizing is a bit small than specified
  • Wind visor rattles

IV2 Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

Made with advanced thermoplastic shell technology, the quality of this motorcycle helmet cannot be questioned. It has been given excellent ratings by its users because of its rigid shell, which is highly reflective of its strength.

When shopping for the best motorcycle helmet, it is important to consider both the interior and the exterior to gauge its ability to provide the protection that is ended on the road. This model has impact absorption inner liner and a durable shell, which makes it strong from the inside to the outside.

In spite of its sturdy construction, the helmet does not also fail to provide the users with a high level of comfort. It has excellent ventilation to encourage proper airflow even if it is worn with the visors pulled down. It also has padded interiors so that it will be soft on the face.

One more thing that we would like to commend about this helmet is its visor. It has a quick release mechanism, making it effortless to have it opened and closed. It is tinted to avoid glare from the harsh heat of the sun, yet you can still see things clearly.

  • Visor can be easily opened even with gloves
  • Reasonable price

  • Can be easily scratched
  • Cannot contain wind noise

Bell Solid Rogue Cruiser Motorcycle Helmet

Bell had one simple goal – to build a helmet that is able to offer both comfort and safety. Nothing should be compromised. This was brought into reality with the introduction of this helmet, which is considered to be an innovative solution as it is able to provide the highest level of protection while making sure of the comfort of the user.
Many people would most probably find it hard to categorize this helmet. It is not a full face helmet. In the same way, it is not also a half helmet. For the manufacturer, this could fit it into an entirely new category that is able to combine the many benefits of both the half and full-face helmet.
If you are worried about the quality of this helmet, keep in mind that it is backed with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer, which is perhaps one of the most extensive within the product category.

With this helmet, you will also have the option to include the integrated Muzzle. However, keep in mind that the latter has been built specifically for the purpose of comfort rather than enhancing the protective capabilities of the helmet.

  • Has integrated speaker pockets
  • Extensive warranty coverage

  • Heavy wind noise and vibration
  • Terrible fit

How To Choose Best Motocycle Helmet Infographic

How To Choose Best Motocycle Helmet Infographic

How To Choose Best Motocycle Helmet Infographic

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In sum, choosing the best motorcycle helmet is no walk in the park. It is important to have a look at a variety of factors and to go beyond price in the evaluation of the alternatives. With such, do not think any further. Consider the five options that we have recommended above, and for sure, you will end up making a decision that you will never regret.

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