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What are motorcycle helmets actually made of?

It is always greatly treasured that Motorcycle helmets are to serve on-road protection and safety. Thus, each headgear’s quality, without doubt, should be prioritized. In other words, a helmet is composed of a shell, a foam layer and a soft padding. ...

Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2016: Overview of top 3

A motorcycle helmet’s buying guide will be not enough for a sensible decision to come out. As an old saying goes “You get what you pay for”, having a good gasp of well-known brands helps you do the trick better. Either you choose to grab one home ...

Motorcycle helmet hair: it’s time to bid farewell!

Keeping your beloved hair style in right shape can be quite a challenge when your protective headgear, in other words, motorcycle helmet has to stay still on your head. What’s more, pressurizing your hair with a big, heavy helmet causes the hair ...

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