Determining the Motorcycle Helmet Size

A good investment of a motorcycle rider is the motorcycle helmet. This important motorcycle gear provides more return of investment by protecting your life. It is essential that you acquire a motorcycle helmet not because of its appearance or price rather choose a helmet that has a right fit for you.

Attain that Perfect Fit

One thing that you have to keep in mind is that a bad fitting motorcycle helmet can come off during an event of crash or impact even though the chin straps is fastened tightly onto your head. To get that perfect fit of your motorcycle helmet, you should know your head shape and the measurement of your head. A perfect and a comfortable motorcycle helmet fit can be expressed as:

Your Head Shape + Your Head Size=Perfect & Comfortable Fit/Motorcycle Helmet Size

Determining your Head Shape

The shape of your head is one of the needed factors that you have to consider in buying a motorcycle helmet. Helmets are different from one another and will not fit the same. That is the reason why you have to know your head shape. You must understand the following before buying a motorcycle helmet:

  • Different Types of Head Shape

Human shapes can be viewed from back or top of the head. The types of head shape are as follow:

  1. Egg shaped. It is narrower at the bottom and wider at the top.
  2. Round. This head shape is wider in the middle and located near the temples.
  3. Oval. It is also referred to as a long oval. This is the most common head shape.
  • Know your Head Shape

Most humans may fall in two head shape categories namely the long oval shape and round head shape. To know which category you will fall, get a mirror and look down on your head from the top.

How to Measure your Head

After knowing your head shape, it’s time to determine your head size. It is essential that you select a helmet with your head size.

  • Steps to Measure your Head
  1. First, you measure your head using a soft vinyl tailor’s tape. This type of tape is flexible to wrap around your head. You can also mark it the exact measurement of your head.
  2. Encircling your head with a measuring tape starting from just about ½ inch above your eyebrows and mark the tape once it reached the starting point. The measurement takes place on the forehead. You may ask a friend to help you measure your head to make it accurate.
  3. Get the number or the size of your head and look at the sizing chart for the motorcycle helmet. Manufacturers have their own sizing chart depending on the model you have chosen.

Verify the Motorcycle Helmet Size

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After determining your head shape and head size, you can take a look at the manufacturers sizing chart. An example of motorcycle helmet size chart is shown below:

Adult Helmet Head Circumference (inches) Head Circumference (cm) Hat Size
Extra Small 20 7/8”-21 ¾” 53 cm – 54 cm 6 5/8- 6 ¾
Small 21 5/8”-22” 55 cm-56 cm 6 7/8- 7
Medium 22 3/8- 22 ¾” 57 cm- 58 cm 7 1/8 – 7 ¼
Large 23 ¼”- 23 5/8” 59 cm – 60 cm 7 3/8- 7 ½
Extra Large 24 “– 24 3/8” 61 cm – 62 cm 7 5/8- 7 ¾
XXL 24 ¾”- 25 ¼” 63 cm – 64 cm 7 7/8-8

Choose your motorcycle helmet size based on your head circumference. The sizes vary depending on the manufacturer’s motorcycle helmet sizing chart. It is advisable that you request the manufacturer’s motorcycle helmet sizing chart before you buy your chosen helmet.


Motorcycle helmets are of different brands with various sizes and shapes. Manufacturer’s produce them to mass market. You have a unique head size and head shape. Take time to determine your head size and head shape so that you will have the right motorcycle helmet. This will keep you safe and will make you comfortable while driving on the road.

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