General Overview on Different Kinds of Motorcycle Safety Gear

It is definitely a wonderful experience to ride through the open roads and feel the wind hit your face. Mostly long-distance riding is often fun and when you have a bunch of them on bikes accompanying you, it becomes a memorable experience. But, riding can be a day-to-day affair for some people too, who have to rely on motorcycles for their daily commutes. No matter when or for how many hours you ride, the fact that you are using the right set of gears for safety purpose and that indeed makes a huge difference. Markets are flooded with many motorcycle safety gears, in the form of gloves, boots, jackets, helmets etc.

General Overview on Different Kinds of Motorcycle Safety Gear

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Which of the Gears is Most Vital?

When you come across so many motorcycle gear options, you might wonder as to which of them is the most vital. You can choose the ones that you like, but the most important of them all is a motorcycle helmet. It is in fact legally expected of you to wear a motorcycle helmet all the time while you are riding. Below mentioned is a basic overview on all the different motorcycle gear and an in depth overview on helmets.

Why Helmets are Important?

These days, a lot of stories revolving around collisions are making rounds, and they sound very scary too. In order to cut down on the accident rate, the law enforcers have made it mandatory to wear a helmet at all times. Helmets have played the role of a savior in many cases where avoidance of a direct contact of head with the ground has indeed saved the lives of most people. As commendable as it is, you need to make sure you settle for the right helmet, measuring it well to fit your head because without the right fit, it wouldn’t do much justice.

Which Type is Most Recommended?

When you look around in the markets, too many helmets are available and this is partially because they come in different types. The most common of them all is the full faced helmet that covers your entire face and gives complete protection. In fact, almost all experts recommend going in for full-faced helmet over the other options. You can also consider half-covered helmets with movable visor and the ones that comes without any visor. Or if you can spend a little more, go for a motorcycle helmets custom made, it will be definitely worth it.

Statistics around Motorcycle Helmets

Certainly plenty of studies are conducted in order to study the impact of using a motorcycle helmet while encountering with an accident and the impact without a helmet. It has been stated very clearly that many traumatic injuries caused due to motorcycle have led to death but it is avoidable largely with the use of helmets. Imagine the cost you would render for surgeries over investing in a helmet, almost 13 times more. Moreover, helmets reduce deaths by as much as 37% and reduce head injuries by almost 69%.

Motorcycle Jackets

Another vital safety gear is a motorcycle jackets, in times of an accident, it actually protects bruises and breaking of bones. The thickness and style offers complete protection to your upper body. It is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Motorcycle Gloves

Another very common gear is a pair of motorcycle gloves. While riding for long hours and at a reasonable speed, you may damage your hands, arm, shoulder, fingers etc. Gloves offer protection to your palm and entire hand and reduces the impact to your forearm and moving upwards.

General Overview on Different Kinds of Motorcycle Safety Gear

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Motorcycle Pants

While a jacket caters to your upper body, a pair of specialized pants can take care of your legs. In case there is any serious injuries, it can most likely offer solid protection. The texture is such that it would generate protection faced during the accident and safeguards from its blow.

Motorcycle Boots

These pair of specialized boots work like a charm when you riding through rough roads, gravels or slippery roads. It offers protection and reduces the impact on your ankle. Walking and dragging through the pathway is quite easy when you slip these on.


For a fun filled motorcycle riding experience, you need to ensure you are well protected. Above mentioned is an overview of all the protective gear, highlighting the most important of them all, i.e. a motorcycle helmet.

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