Guide to Customize your Motorcycle Helmet

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Riding a motorcycle expresses identity and distinction as you speed along the coast or in the highway. It conveys individualism.

One of the essential rider’s gears that add to the uniqueness of your personality is the custom motorcycle helmet. Helmets can be tailored according to your preferences.  However, you still have to ensure that your helmet meets its functionality. And that is to protect your head during crashes or impact. This prevents you from injury and spares your life.

How to Customize your Motorcycle Helmet

  • Start by Selecting the Right Helmet

The first thing you have to consider in choosing a helmet is that it must be certified by DOT, Snell or ECE standards. This will guarantee your safety. Secondly, you have to select a helmet that has a right fit for you. Your selection is based on your head size and head shape. You must take in consideration the helmet that a snug fit on you. Lastly, think of the helmet material that you like. The helmet is made from different materials such as epoxy resin or thermoplastic, carbon fiber which is the most expensive and the most durable, and the fiberglass, among others.

  • Planning the Design of your Custom Helmet

The custom motorcycle helmet is created with your chosen likes. Think of the theme that you want to incorporate in your helmet. These include your interests such as achievements from riding, a favorite cause, pride in a country or in a home state, or a memorial to a loved one. Your overall design and the base color must be in harmony.

  • Changing the Base Color of your Helmet

Before you begin changing the base color of your helmet, you have to remove the things that will not be painted such as accessories, screws, and paddings, among others. For things that cannot be removed, use a tape to cover them. Rub the layer of the existing paint with wet 400 grit sand papers and finish by rubbing it with fine sanding using a 600 grit sand paper. Then wipe your helmet with a soft tack cloth or lint free cloth. Once done you choose a helmet customization such as the following:

  1. Airbrush Painting

One way that makes your custom motorcycle helmet attractive is the use of airbrush painting. If you are good and know how to use the airbrush, you can do it by yourself. However, if you want it to be done professionally you hire an expert artist to do it for you. In airbrushing your motorcycle helmet, you need to use an airbrush to paint. You can also use stencils to create the designs that you want to incorporate onto your motorcycle helmet. The following are some things that you need to prepare before you start airbrushing your motorcycle helmet.

      a. Visualize your helmet and know which part of your helmet you want to paint and don’t want to paint.           These include the visor, shield, and pads/inner form, among others.

      b. Clean the outer shell of your motorcycle helmet by removing all the dust.

      c. To make the paint stick to the surface of your motorcycle helmet, you must polish the outer shell or                the parts you want to paint by using a sand paper.

      d. Cover the parts that you do not want to paint on your helmet using a tape.

      e. Once you prepared the above things, you  apply your chosen paint. Be sure you use the right paint for your helmet. Use the airbrush to apply the paint on your helmet. Afterward, apply layers of urethane of at least 4 coats to seal your helmet. This will heighten the finish of your motorcycle helmet. To finalize your custom helmet you need to coat it with a compound that can gloss and make your helmet shine. Once everything is done, you must return back all the other parts and fittings onto your motorcycle helmet.

    2. Painting Using Hand Brush

You can also customize your helmet by painting using brushes and paints. The paint that you must use must stick on the helmet and weatherproof. The advantage of this traditional painting is that you can present the designs intricately and in detail especially if there are dots and line work. In painting, you can also apply certain pressure on the surface of the helmet thus making your customization better. Painting your helmet must be done by a good artist or an expert.

  • Other Ways of Helmet Customization

The following are other ways to customize your helmet. You choose the one that you like.

  1. Apply Custom Helmet Decals

Using decals or stickers can also enhance your custom helmet. Choose the decals that you want to attach onto your helmet. Among the popular decals are the racing stripes, flames, and tribal designs, MC club logos, military units, brand names, motorcycle brands and companies, band aids, words and letters and road rash stickers, among others. In applying the decal, just peel off the backing paper and bond the decal on the parts of the helmet you want your decal to attach. You may do it or have an expert put the decal for you.

      2. Decorate your helmet with head ornaments such as skulls, wolves, tigers, and other perilous symbols.

      3. Put some rhinestones such as the iron cross and butterfly, among others.

      4. Place a curved dinosaur teeth or row of spikes or talons on the center top of your helmet.

      5. Add visor bolts and vent sliders.

      6. Add Mohawks with rainbow colors or light up with fiber optics.

      7. Decorate your helmet with horns of beasts, trolls, and gargoyles, among others.

      8. Place a radio or a Bluetooth to communicate with your friend while riding.

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