How to Clean a Motorcycle Helmet Visor

Clean Motorcycle Helmet


When it comes to motorcycle helmets, they are meant to last long when you manage to take good care of them. When the makers state that their product is meant to last for years, it is only possible when good care is given to it. In case of helmets, often people get lazy and do not pay as much attention to it, which might cost them another investment very soon. If you own a helmet, make sure you are cleaning it on regular basis, ensuring that every bit of it is well maintained and if there are minor replacements, doing so on time can fetch you more time with it. One of the prime areas of concern or one that requires attention is the helmet visor or face shield as some call it.

Why Helmet Visor Care is Important?

Visor is also known as the face shield, you need to keep it clean all the time because it is a part of how you see things. Given that you view things around you through it, while riding it is a must to have the shield in a clean condition. If the shield has marks or scratches, it will not help you in any manner and this could lead some serious outcome. Therefore, it is wise to clean the helmet visor on regular basis and the overall procedure hardly takes any time, thus, the procedure will be done in minutes and you would be pleased with the outcome as well.


There is nothing major that you need to clean a motorcycle helmet visor. To begin with, you need warm water, try avoiding cold water because sometimes the residues are better removed with warm or less hot water. Secondly, you need paper towels to help you through the process and to enhance the process you need mild soap. Is it better to stick to mild soap instead of hard soap because you do not want to damage the visor with hard brushing or rubbing. Besides this, you will need a microfiber cloth and plastic polish for last minute touches.


The entire process for cleaning a motorcycle helmet visor is no rocket science. In fact, you don’t have to depend on many products for doing so. As mentioned above, you need a handful of items to get the final outcome.

Clean motorcycle helmet


To begin with, use a paper towel, dip it in warm water and place it on the visor. Usually people start rubbing the visor surface in the first go but placing the towel on the surface for a few seconds is a better way to start. By doing so, you are preparing the surface of visor to soak well under the paper towel, as this will make the dirt particles to loosen up.

After few seconds, remove the paper towel from the visor and start to wipe the surface very gently. Usually the paper towel used in the first round will be mushy, hence, remove it and use a fresh paper towel to remove the moisture from the visor.

Then, you can apply mild soap on both the sides of the visor so that it is covered well in soap. If the texture is too dry, mix the soap with more warm water and re-run the procedure. Do not rub excessively, a gentle running through is all you need. Wipe it well and in the end, all you need to do is spray the surface with good quality polish. Once that is done, dry the visor with a microfiber cloth. This particular cloth is used in particular because it does not generate any scratches and the entire process is done very smoothly.


A helmet visor is one of the most important parts that make any helmet operational. If the visor is dysfunctional, it surely is not wise to use such the helmet and not very safe either. So, to keep the helmet going for years together, maintain it well and keep the visor clean. Above-mentioned are few helpful tips that can allow you to keep the visor clean for many months together without any sign of discomfort. The process to do so is very simple and you can repeat it regularly as per the need and requirements. Moreover, the entire process is not at all time consuming.

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