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IV2 Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet Review 

When shopping for the best motorcycle helmet, it would be easy for some people to be focused on price and fashion, trying to make a decision on the basis of which is most stylish and affordable. While such are indeed two of the most important attributes that you should be looking for in a helmet, these are not the only ones that matter. As an intelligent buyer, you need to go beyond these things.

More than just cost and aesthetics, it is also important to choose the right size, making sure that it is perfectly fitted for the size of your head. You also need to make sure that it has proper ventilation to encourage sufficient air circulation. Of course, it should be made from excellent materials that will make it long-lasting. It should also pass safety standards that have been set by relevant authorities.

What is the best motorcycle helmet that is available in the market today? The choices can be overwhelming, but this should never be an excuse to decide in haste. Among others, IV2 Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is one option that should not be missed. Keep on reading to learn more about this helmet, as well as its astounding features.


DOT-Approved Helmet

One of the things that we liked about this helmet is the fact that it is approved by the DOT or Department of Transportation of the United States. The latter is the agency of the government that is basically responsible for evaluating helmets and they issue approval only if it has passed the standards that have been set. Meaning, it has undergone stringent quality control to guarantee its safety.

EPS Impact Absorption Liner 

Expanded Polystyrene, or simply EPS, uses a crushable foam, which has the ability to absorb impact in case of a crash or collision. Because of this, the foam has the ability to protect your head from injuries that can be possibly sustained. Aside from being able to absorb impact, the foam liner is also contributory to the comfort that can be provided by the helmet.

ABS Composite Shell

The importance of using the right materials in the best motorcycle helmet should never be underestimated. When the right materials are used, it is more likely that it will be durable, comfortable, and most importantly, able to provide a high level of protection.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, or ABS composite shell is the main material that is used in this helmet. The latter is known for being lightweight, and hence, wearing the helmet will never be a burden on your end. Nonetheless, even in spite of its minimal weight, it is commendable when it comes to durability.

Quick Release Visor

Another feature that makes this an exceptional choice is the visor, which can be released in a single click. The integrated visor will provide the helmet with an added functionality, especially when driving on a sunny day. This will also protect the face from the strong wind if in case you are biking on a windy day.

Sweat Absorbing Liner

In many of the helmets that we have seen in the past, a lot of people were unhappy with regards to how they sweat a lot. With IV2 Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet, this should never be a problem. The sweat absorbing inner liner will make sure that you stay dry and comfortable all throughout the ride. In addition, it is built in as such a way that it can fight bacteria.

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Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor (Large)

  • Well-Ventilated Design: When you are wearing this helmet, you never have to worry about your comfort. The helmet is designed in such a way that it has a snug fit, yet it will allow air to circulate inside. This will fight away sweat and will prevent any possibility of suffering from discomfort.
  • Streamlined Design: This is beneficial for the purpose of minimizing wind noise. Once the visor is closed, you will not be bothered with the annoying wind noise. This is unlike in the case of helmets with inferior quality.
  • Removable Cheek Pads: Because they are removable, this means that you can wash them. This will help to keep it clean and hygienic, in spite of long-term use of the helmet.
  • Free Smoked Visor: If you are the kind of person who would rather have a smoked than a clear visor, this will also be a good choice. There is a free smoked visor that is included with every purchase, aside from the clear visor.
  • Reasonable Price: It cannot be denied that most people will make a decision on the basis of which one is the cheapest. IV2 Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet comes with a practical price, yet you can expect the quality to be decent.
  • Lightweight Construction: You do not have to be burdened with heavy weight when you are wearing this helmet, which will be highly contributory on the comfort that it can provide.
  • Excellent Chin Strap: We also liked how the chin strap is a bit longer compared to what you can find from competing models. This will provide you with the freedom to have it customized based on the fit that is desired.

  • Paint Can Chip Quickly: This is one of the unfavorable feedbacks that we found online about this motorcycle helmet. Some users complained that it did not take long before the paint started to peel off, which can have a negative impact on its appearance. Nonetheless, this leads only into superficial damage, but it will never affect its durability.
  • Poor Customer Service: Another common complaint about this helmet is that the company does not offer dependable customer assistance. You might find it hard to get in touch with one of their representatives, whether it is through phone or email.

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Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor (Large)


Are you still looking for the best motorcycle helmet? If you are, there is no need to look any further as IV2 Matte Flat Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet will definitely be an option that will not lead into regrets. From the interior to the exterior of the helmet, it is very evident that it is a well-built option, and hence, allowing it to provide the best bang for the buck.

Matte Black Full Face Motorcycle Helmet DOT +2 Visor (Large)

8.5 Total Score

Being approved by the Department of Transportation of the United States, you can be confident about the quality of this helmet. It has been tested to ensure that it passes the minimum requirements. More so, the EPS impact absorption liner is one of its most commendable features. The helmet is integrated with a crushable foam that will be able to absorb impact if in case you have been involved in an accident. The composite shell, in the same way is made from durable materials that make the helmet hard to rival when it comes to its strength.

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