Motorcycle Helmet Brands 2016: Overview of top 3

A motorcycle helmet’s buying guide will be not enough for a sensible decision to come out. As an old saying goes “You get what you pay for”, having a good gasp of well-known brands helps you do the trick better. Either you choose to grab one home via the Internet and directly visit a dealer, surfing for the manufacturer’s profiles prior to making the final say leaves you outstanding names and process the buying time much faster. Yet the good news is: No need to surf around and become lost any longer, since this article will narrow down Top 03 Motorcycle Helmet Brands for you to think over and simply pick one (or perhaps two!).


Even first-time riders have once heard of this brand name, Shoei, not to mention those of its loyal fan-base around the world. Headquartered in Japan, this 57-year-old company is known to have manufactured the 1st carbon fiber helmet and applied Kelvar – commonly used to make body armors or protective headgears in military – in their helmets’ construction. Shoei has been trusted as a result of their high strength, versatility, sophisticated style and excellent comfort every single lid spreads over your head as well.

Most remarkably, Shoei is one of the very few manufacturers that nearly all products are offered with a 5-year warranty, which even enhances the customers’ trust and prove their build quality. Shoei helmets currently come in several sizes to make sure you always can choose one to fit your top; furthermore, their shells are the great combination of hand-laid interwoven fiberglass layers and organic fibers, which makes them strong, durable yet lightweight.

Its ventilation system is also a (+), since Shoei’s innovative wind tunnel boost up their performance by directing the cooling flow of air into the helmet and utilizing low air pressure to the helmet rear to eliminate damp air out of the helmet shell. Last but not least, Shoei’s EPS liner contributes to lessening any unexpected crash or impact, using dual layers of high quality foam at varied densities. These features represent what has stood Shoei out from other competitions.

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2. Bell

Simply can’t exclude them from the list! Bell is the first manufacturer to have created full-face motorcycle helmets that are widely favored by motorcycling fans. They have been in business since 1954 and “proven ever since”. All Bell helmets’ designs are à la mode, yet more importantly, theirs are purpose-built and functional owing to incessant innovation of head protection.

Most recent products are ideally featured with a variety of state-of-the-art advances, including: enduring energy management, 3-layer flex impact liner, lightweight composite “Tri-Matrix” shell, velocity flow ventilation, quick-release shield, or removable magnetic cheek pads, etc. Protection that each motorcycle helmet delivers lies in the minimizing of low-to-high impacts that any riders can get on-road or off-road racing tracks.

Leveraging unique materials to make their motorcycle helmets fit in and comfort customers is what Bell has always been seeking and aiming. What’s more, they also manufacture bike helmets and other stylish riding apparels; thus, this is such a convenience if you wish to inspire your kids to take safe rides with his/her means. FYI, 5-year warranty is a plus for nearly 95% helmets at Bell.

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3. Shark

This France-based leading brand which has been making motorcycle helmets for more than 30 years is widely known for ground-breaking technologies Shark has applied. Shark was founded by professional racers, which without doubt ensures quality and convenience customers will get using their products. Besides, the fact that all Shark helmets tested or certified by SHARP score from 3 to 5 out of 5 to prove their longstanding durability and protection seems satisfactory enough for you to give it a shot!

Their helmets (¾, race, sport and touring) are offered at a wide range of price and featured with several innovations, such as: removable chin-bar, goggle face shield, integral sun visor, pin lock anti-fog insert, micrometric fastener and so on. Specifically, those Pinlock anti-fog inserts put a stop to your confusion over the misty view outside the shield, or integral sun visors keep sun beams away from you and are removable for easy cleaning and storage. Their micrometric straps are also convenient to handle and safe.

The best part is Shark lids are being produced with Polycarbonate shells that is tough and highly durable. This feature may cost you a few more bucks, yet will not ever cost your regret afterwards. In terms of graphic designs, Shark deserves our thumbs-up for their simple-yet-stylish and varied models at your choice. You can visit their Catalogue 2016 to search for more options vividly illustrated by professional and stunning racers.


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Since we do not want to cloud you with umpteen information, which later leads nowhere but confusion, this article lists and remarks Top 03 brands of motorcycle helmets in 2016, in our opinion. It hopes to deliver an in-depth overview before you come to any dealer/website and pick one for you. For more details, you can direct to each brand’s Home Page and surf for more options. If there is any demand for other brands’ reviews, feel free to comment below and we surely will spare time discussing them in not a distant future.

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