Motorcycle helmet hair: it’s time to bid farewell!

Keeping your beloved hair style in right shape can be quite a challenge when your protective headgear, in other words, motorcycle helmet has to stay still on your head. What’s more, pressurizing your hair with a big, heavy helmet causes the hair roots to get pulled close to the scalp surface and that’s the way a hair loss problem arises. It can block any riders from enjoying the breeze on the road and easily turn your hairstyle into a bird’s nest within minutes. Both motorcycling and styling are appealing, then how to keep them along with you especially on a daily basis? Hope these tips below will help. (Obviously, we are smart enough to know “No Helmet” call is not encouraged here!)


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1. Hands up and surf through your hair!

A comb seems to be indispensable for those who are fans of a-la-mode hairdos or haircuts. Yet it probably gets frustrating to bring one whenever you jump on a Ducati and fly yourself out in the road. The point is these little combs can be counterproductive when you take off the motorcycle helmet and unexpected traces on your glossy hair arise. At that time, the bang is being pressed down by the motorcycle helmet’s weight and using a comb to re-stylize it simply highlights those traits. Instead, you can use your fingers to run through wisps of hair and bring your hairdo back to the original grace.

2. Think over your hairstyle!

What if a motorcycle seems the only means of transportation you have been able to afford, and wearing a motorcycle helmet, say, every day is the optimal choice, you should give those styles that do not demand a lot of gel or mousse like spikes, Mohawk or curly/wavy hairs. Even worse, surplus gel and mousse you apply on your hair will be left on the helmet, and day by day, that will enable bacteria to flourish in such a friendly environment. One pro-tip for you: It’s better (or best) just to get a simple hair-cut or –style, in which you are not supposed to use much or any gel before you wear the helmet. If you have to, remember to spare 05 seconds and sweep your bang back right before putting your helmet gently on your head to make sure everything remains intact after taking off the helmet.

3. Put a hot towel on your forehead

The lying principle of this little tip is like clothes’ ironing. To flatten a dress or trouser full of wrinkles, we need to let the heat creep into every fabric, which is similar to an unruly hair caused by a helmet. After putting the headgear out of your head, soak a towel or cloth in hot water, fold it in a rectangular shape and put it on your forehead (remember when you got a high fever). After several minutes, the heat from the towel will fly upward and help soften the hair, which makes it much easier for you to re-stylize.


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4. How ‘bout a skullcap?

A skullcap or head sock is not a bad choice at all. They help cover and protect your hairdos under the motorcycle helmet’s weight, as well as avoid the gel to wet the inner lining. Whereas a skullcap only provides limited coverage of short haircuts, a head sock is more suitable for women who usually have complicated long hairstyle. I would not recommend choosing a knit one which is quite thick and hot. The more air it lets pass through, the more comfortable the rider feels.

Helmet hair is quite a common trouble for motorcycle lovers; however short-but-sharp tips or advices are always available to help you get rid of it. Please keep in mind that no tips can ever work if you forget to wash your hair often and treat it with good conditioner to refresh its vitality after a long ride. Feel free to share your comments and all words of advice are welcomed below.

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