Motorcycling: 04 things to note for dummies

Motorcycling probably gives you the best chill ever on the road yet is still worth your try since this sport allows you to free yourself out there with nature as well as to feel cool better than ever! Nonetheless, hidden possibilities of danger hazard lies anywhere and the same to riding motorcycles. For your information, the US is on the verge of having its deadliest traffic year over the past 10 years, according to the statistics from National Safety Council. That’s why for first-time riders, motorcycling without doubt should be well equipped with a basic guide to protect themselves and enjoy their rides to the fullest.

Get your course and license!

Whether you take it easy as a sporty hobby, motorcycling still requires specific basic skills that help you stay awake and alive anywhere you travel. Therefore, enrolling a riding course and get a license after that is a wise decision. YouTube tutorials or Google tips may help a bit, yet they are not everything you need to equip yourself. Learning the riding laws, especially at the local places where you are about to travel, is significant, because USA publish different rules from states to states. Furthermore, your riding license protects you on the legislative side and proves your sufficient experience of riding to safely be “gone with the wind”.


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Never forget to buy a helmet first!

Even though motorcycle helmets are rumored or argued to pose a serious hindrance to your sightseeing and riding joys, in addition to unwanted pressure on your neck and hearing, this protective headgear should land the very first place in your to-buy list right when you take up motorcycling. A motorcycle helmet’s function is to cover your head, shield your face, and then guard your life. It prevents the rider from unexpected getting involved in on-road crashes that result in facial injuries, neck breakage, brain damage and even death. You can now easily go online and grab one that fits your need best. Motorcycle helmets today come in several types, most popular of which includes full-face, open-face and modular ones at a wide range of prices.

buy a helmet

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Little check before you ride is a must-do

Motorcycle’s power drive needs your regular check and proper maintenance to keep you safely and comfortably moving, and this depends on which way your bike is operated: belt-driven, chain-driven, or shaft-driven. Each type requires different inspection checklist (By “checklist” here, I mean questions!). Specifically, to check a belt’s status, you need to turn the rear wheel, observe how well the belt moves, and carefully check if there is any unwelcomed cracks, tears or objects stuck in the middle or along its teeth. On examining the motorcycle’s chain, you also watch how smoothly the chain moves after turning its rear wheel. Does it look soiled or is the chain worn and even cracked? A standard chain should be in a condition where it is not considered over loose or tight. Regular cleaning is a simple tip you should take to prevent the grime on a long used chain. However, you have little to care about the shaft since you will know its alarming condition right once it’s broken. And let’s make sure that you will not take any more rides until when any of these which is under maintenance is replaced.

check before you ride

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And insurance is a good invest, too!

Life is unpredictable and regardless of how well you prepare your ride, it does not 100% insure that nothing ever happens from another passers-by or riders that interfere your ride and life. This is not to mention that in some US states, motorcycle insurance is one of the requirements you have to fulfill before officially getting the license. This ensures you supplementary financial support in case you resort to any medical treatment as a result of crash or accidents. Insurance companies offer their rates and packages depending on your personal demands, status and financial capacity as well. Do research as much as you can to seek for the best fit for your need, or simply contact the companies in the love list on the phone or via email and ask them for their quotes. Sometimes, the best company is not the one to offer the most ideal rates but their policies and customer service matters.

And insurance is a good invest

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In a word, to become an excellent motorcyclers, be a wise decision maker first if this is the first time you take the plunge with this sport or hobby. Keep in mind that safety always comes first and good preparation will ensure your riding pleasure at its best. Treat your life well since you only live once!

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