The Anatomy of a Motorcycle Helmet – Materials Used

The capacity of a motorcycle helmet to save lives depends entirely on its quality. If a rider wears a poor quality helmet, it will not be able to save them during accidents and impacts. It might in fact, break and injure the person unnecessarily. When investing in a helmet, users should always look for positive reviews and superior quality, prior to purchasing one. Other users are the best judges, they will be able to provide information on the helmets safety, quality and merits.

A good quality helmet will last a long time, there is no need to skimp or compromise on its quality. For riders, it is a must have daily item, to keep them safe from outside elements and from accidents, they should not shy away from spending on the best helmet available.

The Anatomy of a Helmet

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What Is A Helmet Made Of?

Outer Layer

The helmet has many parts which are attached to make it safe, comfortable and functional. The entire basic structure is made of many layers, each layer providing its own unique feature to the design. The safest helmets have a fiber glass outer shell, the fiber glass is mixed with other materials to make it hard and long lasting, able to hold itself through heavy impacts. The material is also able to stay new and not decay when exposed to moisture. Materials such as aramids and carbon fibers which are mixed in with the fiber glass provide enough strength.

There is a painted coating on top of this outer layer. It is usually spray painted and decorated with decals or logos. Good quality spray paint is scratch resistant and keeps the helmet looking new and shiny for long periods of time unless deliberately scratched off.

Soft Layer

The next layer is the softer layer, which is made of poly styrene. This is layered inside to add more comfort and safety to the head. This soft layer is able to absorb shocks and holds its shape through any sort of impact on the road, from minor bumps to hard shocks. This is one of the most important layer, is helps regulate the temperature inside the helmet too. Because of its porous nature, it is able to allow air to pass through, providing excellent ventilation in conjunction with the air vents.


The layer which is visible inside is the lining. The lining is made from materials which are anti bacterial and help to absorb sweat better. The liners are usually removable to aid in cleaning them more appropriately. The liners in a good quality helmet will remain dry, feel comfortable in such close proximity to the face and keep the person cool by absorbing excessive sweat. Good quality lining does not catch any lint or stray hair, it also does not produce static, which can be uncomfortable every time the helmet is put on or taken off.

Cheek Pads

Cheek pads are the latest addition to helmets, they help to keep the helmet stay snug on the head. They are made with soft foam, ensuring that the helmet does not come flying out during accidents. They also add comfort to the user while the helmet is put on.

The Anatomy of a Helmet

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The best quality visors are made of polycarbonate which do not shatter when impacted, the cheaper helmets come with acrylic visors which are unsafe and flimsy. Visor is an important part of the helmet too, it allows for visibility, protects eyes from dust and pollution. It is also a major source of ventilation when it gets too hot to keep the helmet on. Visors now come with UV protection shields and fog free technology, these are a great addition. Users are usually able to choose between transparent to dark colored visors.


During the manufacturing process, all the layers are moulded into the desired shape, depending on the design. Each element is then fused together so they do not separate and pose a threat to the user. Cheaper quality helmets have layers which are glued together, these do not last a long time and are not secure to use for heavy duty rides. Besides, quality helmets made with solid materials are lighter and harder, providing both comfort and resistance at the same time.

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