The Best Way to Wear your Motorcycle Helmet

Everyday driving on the road is unpredictable especially when you are riding a motorcycle. Wearing a motorcycle helmet can save your life during a horrible experience you may encounter on the road. That is the reason why the Motorcycle Safety Foundation encourages the motorcycle riders to wear a motorcycle helmet. Wearing a helmet is effective to reduce and prevent head injury in the event of impact or crashes.

The Purpose of Wearing a Motorcycle Helmet

There are helmet myths that say helmets can block vision, break necks, and impair hearing. This is proven wrong. The main goal of a motorcycle helmet is to protect your head, face, and your life.

According to the research of John Hopkins University, wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of traumatic brain injuries by 65% and death by 37% during an impact or crash. It also prevents cervical spine injuries that may result to paralysis.

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Helmet

A motorcycle helmet must be fitted properly. To have a proper fit, you must choose the right helmet. The following are the things that you have to consider in choosing the right helmet:

  • Determine your Head Size and Head Shape

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To have an ideal fit, you must know your head size. To get your head size, measure your head from about 2.5 cm above your eyebrows to the densest point at the back of your head. This is the circumference of your head.

Next, is to know your head shape. A person’s head shape is egg shaped that falls between oval and round.  Know your head shape by looking down on your head from the top using a mirror. The most common head shape is the intermediate oval category.

  • Once you knew your head size and head shape, you choose the helmet that is about your size. Most helmets are sized up as small, medium, and large. If you have a large circumference you must choose the large size helmet. Choose also a helmet with your head shape.
  • Try Out your Chosen Helmet

It is essential that before you purchase a motorcycle helmet, you must first try it on.

How to Wear your Motorcycle Properly

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Once you have chosen the right motorcycle helmet, you are now ready to put it properly onto your head.  It is also important that you wear your helmet correctly so that it will not be removed easily when there is an impact. This will keep your head safe. The steps on how you can wear your helmet properly are stated below:

  • You must hold your helmet by the chin straps. The bottom of your helmet must face you and the front of the helmet is pointing down.
  • Place your thumbs in the inside of both the left and right straps. Balance your helmet with the rest of your fingertips that are attached on the outside of the helmet.
  • Slip your helmet down over your head using the chin straps. Check if the inner lining of your helmet fits snugly in your head.
  • Check if you have a tight fit. It must not tilt or move from one side to another. If the helmet is too large for you, it will move up and down and around your head. It will produce noise and worst of all it will crash.
  • Examine if the cheek pads touch your cheeks. There should be no space between the brow pads and your temples. You have a right fit when the helmet causes the skin to move when the helmet moves. And there must be an evenly distributed pressure that is exerted around your head. If the helmet is moving easily, this means the helmet is large for you. Keep in mind while having a fitting process; you have to consider the pressure points, right size choice, and the comfort.
  • If everything is fitted properly and in place onto your head, you fasten the straps of your helmet.


Wearing a helmet is a necessity for a motorcycle rider. Having the right fit and wearing it in a correct and proper manner will guard your overall well-being while driving on a public road.

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