Tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss from a Motorcycle Helmet

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Some motorcyclists wonder if a wearing of a motorcycle helmet can cause hair loss. The truth is a continuous usage of helmets can lead to hair fall. Although this may seem unpleasant especially to men, you cannot discard the wearing of a helmet.  The helmet can protect your overall well-being.

Hair Loss and your Helmet

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Constant wearing of your motorcycle helmet can pull your hair mostly. This leads to a condition that is called Traction Alopecia. With this condition, the motorcycle rider will have a regression of hair growth in the front part of the scalp. This is due to the roots that are near to the area of the skin and they have lost attaching in the scalp.

Once you wore your motorcycle helmet there is blocking out of the air. Your hair cannot breathe. Your scalp then experiences claustrophobia. This causes the shedding of hair.

Hair loss from wearing a helmet occurs too when your head sweats. The sweat gathers on the pores and damages the roots of your hair causing loss of hair especially to men.

Some men have dandruff problems. If you have it and wear your helmet, your hair loss will be aggravated.

Keep also in mind that you must have a helmet with a right fit. A helmet that is too tight for you will invite hair loss. It can also cause trauma to the scalp that may lead to hair fall.

Things to Do to Prevent Hair Loss in a Motorcycle Helmet

If you are a motorcyclist you must wear a motorcycle helmet. This is a must have for your protection on the road. No matter what your hair may look like, wearing a helmet is essential for you. Hair loss can be prevented by doing the steps below:

  • Have a motorcycle helmet with a snug fit onto your head. Your helmet will remain stable even though you shake your head. Your scalp will also be in good condition.
  • Cover your head with a bandana, scarf, or helmet liner. These coverings will absorb the moisture from your head and will keep the natural oils that are sealed in your hair. This will make your hair intact in your head.
  • Wear your helmet properly and normally. Lift your helmet slightly, slip it down and lift it up to some extent slowly. Keep this process if your hair is not pulled.
  • Give your hair some air by taking a break or have a stopover especially if you will have a long drive.
  • When you are going to remove your helmet, check your hair if it is caught under the strap or around the edges of your helmet. Free your hair by pulling your motorcycle helmet onto your head slowly and gently. This will avoid the pulling of your hair.
  • Wash and moisturize your hair before you put on your motorcycle helmet. A well-moisturized hair can protect your hair from damage and dryness while having your motorcycle onto your head.

Helmet Hair Loss Treatment

If you are suffering from Traction Alopecia, you can reverse and treat your hair loss by using the scalp blood circulation improvement method. It will heighten the blood flow to your hair follicles thus preventing hair loss.

Another method that can treat hair loss is the Alternation Method. It uses a custom hair growth tonic. This heals the damages onto your scalp. It also protects your scalp. This method also augments the supply of nutrients to your hair.

You may also have a scalp massage. This relaxes your muscles making your blood flow easily. It also improves the elasticity of your scalp skin. Some people also take supplements and foods that can increase the blood flow to your hair.


Motorcycle helmets can really spare your life during an accident that may occur on the road. It is better to lose hair than lose your life without wearing a helmet. Helmet hair loss can be prevented anyway.

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