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Motorcycle Room

Welcome to Motorcycle Room

We are a motorcycle dealership in Brisbane specialising in the sale of new and used motorcycles and other replacement parts. There is no better place to come than to us when it comes to any issues affecting motorcycles. We have all the newest motorcycles in our inventory, and we also carry high quality used motorcycles for enthusiasts who cannot afford the new ones but still wish to ride. Whether you are buying a motorcycle, getting replacement parts, or servicing your bike, one word unites all our service offerings, quality. We make sure that every service we offer is quality in all ramifications and our primary goal is to satisfy our customer’s needs and make them enjoy your motorcycling experience.

Used Bikes

Do you need used motorcycles that are in great condition and with low mileage, there is no better place to come than Motorcycle Room. In fact, we stock these kinds of bikes gotten from motorcycle enthusiasts who for one reason or another wish to sell their ride and we make sure they are in great shape and good working order before we decide to put them on our stock. Thus, the quality of every used bike in our inventory is something we can vouch for.

New Bikes

We have the latest models from Aprilla, Honda, Ducati, Vespa, Suzuki, Sym Scooter, Piaggio, etc. You only have to come to our showrooms to see the exclusive collection of new bikes sourced from the top manufacturers of motorcycles all over the world. We are accredited suppliers by the manufacturers to take our bikes directly from them and offer the manufacturer’s warranties on all our new bikes.

Our Local Sponsors


Ducati produces some of the best motorcycles in the world. Since we only stock quality, we stock Ducati too, and you will not only find the latest in terms of bikes but also the spare parts, gears, accessories, apparels, and gifts from the manufacturer are also available.


In the world of bikes, Harley is in a class of its own. This iconic brand has produced so many quality motorcycles for such a long time that its name has become synonymous with bikes. You can get your Harley bikes, spare parts, gears and other accessories at our store.

Parts & Services

We sell parts and provide repair and service for all bikes. Our mechanics and technicians are well trained and certified, and they use high-quality replacement parts on all their works.

Motorcycle Finance

Are you planning to buy a bike? There are different ways to source for the fund needed for the purchase, and one of such ways is to use motorcycle finance. It is simple, straightforward, and highly effective.


Risks are inherent in life, and sometimes the only way to protect yourself from such risks is through insurance.

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