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Parts & Services

Maintain your bike and get replacement parts

Do you need original replacement parts for your bike, Motorcycle Room is where you can get it. We stock high quality and genuine spare parts from different manufacturers, and most of our replacement parts are produced by the bike manufacturer themselves. Parts available include;

OEM Parts

Air Filters

Bike Protection

Bolt Kits


Chains & Sprockets

Chains & Sprockets

Dash & Gauges

Electrical & Ignition


Forks and Bleeders

Handlebars and Controls

Oil and Lubricants

Performance Parts

Tank Caps and Vents


Tyres, etc. You will get parts for Honda, Ducati, Harley, and many other types of bikes in our store.

Not only do we sell parts, but we also provide high-quality repair and service for all bikes. Our mechanics and technicians are well trained and certified, and they use high-quality replacement parts on all their works. Keeping your bikes in good shape is necessary if you want to enjoy it and this means fixing it as soon as you notice a problem. Waiting often damages more components and makes proper repair costlier. We provide Routine servicing, which can help to identify other needed repairs, which might lead to an unexpected breakdown or costly failure. Accordingly, our services are very competitively priced.

At Motorcycle Room, we ensure that every bike is cared for appropriately and put in great shape. We don’t just service vehicles, we thoroughly service it and fix all the issues it may have at that point in time. Our services include;

Manufacturer Scheduled Service

Every bike has a manufacturer scheduled service, which is when the bike should be routinely serviced for it to remain in great shape. We can help you with this service and create a schedule for you so that you will know the next time to bring in your bike.

Apart from this, we also provide other services such as Brake inspection & repair, Oil changes, Fuel filter, Ignition tune-up, and engine repairs and replacement.

Importance of servicing your bike

Bike service is an essential part of being an owner, and it is not a responsibility that you can or should avoid. Regular servicing of your bike has the following benefits;

Prevent Breakdown

The last thing you want is to be stranded because your bike broke down on the road. The chances of this happening when you don’t service your bike is very high, and it could put you at risk or even cause embarrassment. Breakdowns affect your biking experience so service your bike to avoid it.

Save Money

Servicing your bike will cost you money, but this is only peanuts when you compare it to the costs you will incur for not servicing it. Engines require servicing, and not doing it will often result in damage temporarily or permanently. Both will cost you more money in the long run.

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