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About our Ducati bikes

Ducati produces some of the best motorcycles in the world. Since we only stock quality, we definitely stock Ducati too and you will not only find the latest in terms of bikes but also the spare parts, gears, accessories, apparels, and gifts from the manufacturer are also available. What makes Ducati bikes unique is the racing ability of this bike which earned one of its products the CB750 the appellation of a superbike. Ducati is known for producing sporty and fast bikes, and it is often called the Ferrari of motorcycles. This shows the elegance and speed that this motorcycle is in a class of its own.

The iconic status of Ducati bikes is not an accident but a result of superior designs and excellent technology. Its trademark is the lobed cam and solid arms used to replace the early unreliable springs that could break when the camshaft makes the combustion chamber valves to open. While this design was out of necessity, it has since distinguished this bike from all other brands. The bike’s design is also endearing to everyone, and many have described Ducati bikes as sexy, giving riders a truly exciting and thrilling experience like no other bike.

The old models of the Ducati motorcycles were completely raw with all manual handlings and no electronic aids, giving riders the best experience when it comes to riding. But it was not without its issues that have since been solved with the bike’s newer models. The newer models retain the core character of the Ducati bike but are now easier to ride and offer more power. With the new Ducati bikes, you can make the motorcycle your means of commute and have a great time using this motorcycle.

One thing you should note is that Ducati bikes require more maintenance than many other brands of motorcycles, but this is only because of the quality of the bike. It is a high-performance machine that works very close to their engineering limit, so if you get one, you must show dedication to it with proper maintenance at all times. Ducati is a bike for the motorcycle pros who have spent many years riding and have more than the basic experience of handling bikes.


At Motorcycle Room, you will find all Ducati products available at amazing prices. A Ducati is more than a motorcycle, it is a complete experience, and you can personalise this experience for yourself. We offer various performance accessories specifically designed for different models of the vehicle, and you can use these accessories to keep your motorcycling great shape. Available accessories include the bike cover, adhesive tank protector, Akrapovic racing silencer, adjustable rider footpeg kit, billet aluminium frame plugs, tank filler plugs, Type-approved silencer cover, carbon fuel tank protector, brake lever protector adapter set, centre stand, matte headlight frame, etc.

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