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About our Harley-Davidson bikes

In the world of bikes, Harley is in a class of its own. This iconic brand has produced so many quality motorcycles for such a long time that its name has become synonymous with bikes. You can get your Harley bikes, spare parts, gears and other accessories at our store. This American bike is one of the most recognised brands in the world and is loved by many. With more than a century since William Harley and Arthur Davidson came together to design and launch the bike, the brand has gone through many phases to emerge as one of the best around. Perhaps the unique thing about this bike is the sound of its engine. It is completely distinctive, and even when it is muffled, this district can be recognised.

The bike’s unique sound is due to the design of the engine in which the pistons are timed such that one fire after the crankshaft revolution and the other will fire at the end of the next revolution. In this manner, the two pistons on the bike grids one after the other and a closer listening will help you identify the pop, snap, and crackle sounds as the pauses between each pop separate the pistons. No other motorcycle has a sound like this. The bike boasts not just of being beautiful physically but also of being durable and adaptable. It is perhaps why many celebrities ride the bike.


At Motorcycle Room, you will find Harley-Davidson bikes and all the accessories and apparels that come with it. This includes the bikers boots, leather jackets, fingerless gloves, t-shirts, and many other things that have made this bike a darling of many for ages. Whether you are dressed in the riding attire, or you are not, the bike itself makes the statement for you. The design or appearance of the motorcycle is sure to turn heads in any situation.

Another benefit of owning a Harley is that you can get a new engine built for your bike. If you feel the need for a newer engine and you can afford it, you can ship your engine to the manufactures, and they will rebuild it to specifications, re-haul it if necessary, and send it back to you or your dealer. Of course, Harley doesn’t charge too much for this. Customising the motorcycle is also very easy, and you can practically do it yourself. All you have to do is check out the accessory catalogue and get anything you want. The accessories from Harley also come with warranties. Harley motorcycles are not the best in speed because they are the heavyweight bikes, but this weight is not without purpose as it contributes to the steadiness of the bike and makes it an exceptional cruiser.

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