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Used Bikes

We sell quality used bike

Do you need used motorcycles that are in great condition and with low mileage, there is no better place to come than Motorcycle Room. In fact, we stock these kinds of bikes gotten from motorcycle enthusiasts who for one reason or another wish to sell their ride and we make sure they are in great shape and good working order before we decide to put them on our stock. Thus, the quality of every used bike in our inventory is something we can vouch for.

When people hear the word “used”, they usually think of something that is no longer good enough and are sceptical about such things. We are here to change that and prove to people that used bikes can be as good as new. We deal in used bikes because we know that not everyone will be able to afford new ones, for those people who can’t, the least they deserve is to have used bike that are in great conditions Even though a used bike cost less, this is not because of a reduction in quality but because it is no longer new. Thus, we make sure every bike we stock is in incredible conditions, and we even help the customers to recondition the bike if they ask for it so that the bike will be as good as new in appearance and operation when they pick it.

Our selection process for sourcing used bikes is very thorough. It includes;


Our team of experts thoroughly examine the bike with a special focus on the engine to make sure it is in great shape before we decide whether to stock it.

Repairs and service

A used bike may have a few minor faults which we fix before we stock it and if the fault is major or recurring, we don’t offer such a bike for sale. We also make sure that we service it, so it is in complete working order by the time you buy it.


If you like, we can help you recondition your bike and put it in an even better shape and to your taste. From repairing to changing the seats to outfitting it with accessories that will improve your biking experience, there is so much we can help you with your bike.

Why buy used bikes from us
  • Our bikes have low mileage with no scratches or dents on them.
  • We test every bike by taking it for a ride in different conditions to ensure optimal performance.
  • Buyers will get the maintenance records of the bike and the buyer’s guide.
  • Buyers can test drive the bike and bring their mechanics along for further inspection.
  • We are confident of the quality, and we offer a warranty on every bike which means we will cover certain repairs to the bike within a limited period after you buy it.

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