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New Bikes

We have new bikes for sale

We have the latest models from Aprilla, Honda, Ducati, Vespa, Suzuki, Sym Scooter, Piaggio, etc. You only have to come to our showrooms to see the exclusive collection of new bikes sourced from the top manufacturers of motorcycles all over the world. We are accredited suppliers by the manufacturers to take our bikes directly from them and offer the manufacturer’s warranties on all our new bikes. We are one of the leading suppliers of new bikes in Brisbane, and we always make sure that every bike in our inventory is designed to give the customer complete satisfaction.

Whether you are a biking pro who knows what they want or a beginner who just wants a motorcycle without even understanding its nitty-gritty, you can count on us to get you the best and most suitable bikes for you. Our team is available and ever ready to guide you through the pros and cons of any bike you choose, and they will explain every detail about it to you so you can make the right choice. As bike owners and hobbyists ourselves, we are always excited to share our knowledge of bikes with others and initiate them into the biking world so they can understand everything about biking and get a bike that is just perfect for them.

We also offer Pre Purchase inspection

A serious buyer should first view, ride and make certain they are interested in purchasing a particular bike. This inspection includes an extensive road test; testing all of the bike’s functions and accessories; complete mechanical and thorough engine inspections. Other specific and detailed inspections and tests may be performed if indicated. This inspection pays particular attention to detail. The inspection is available for both new and used bikes.

Features of our bikes

We select the new bikes that we stock based on a checklist which covers the qualities they must have. The qualities we look out for includes;

Durability and reliability

Any bike we stock must be capable of performing excellently in any condition and must not be prone to damage. It is why we specifically go for reliable brands and bikes that we know will last the buyer for a very long time. Whether you are a frequent rider or occasional one, the bike you will get from us will last you for ages.


We also look for unique craftsmanship in the design of the bike. Motorcycles can be rugged and still be very beautiful, and this is what we aim for.


The engine is the bike. We make sure that the engines on our motorcycles are in excellent shape and can perform in any condition. We focus on brands that are known for producing powerful engines.


We aim to satisfy our customers by selling them bikes that are affordable and within budget, and this is what we stock.

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