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Sell your bikes

Get your bikes sold

If you have any bike you wish to sell; you can sell it to us. We buy used bikes and resell them so if your bike is in great condition; we are looking to deal with it. Of course, selling your bike to us is just one of the many ways you can use to sell your bikes. You can also decide to take your chances in the market and sell it to a private buyer. As great as this may sound, you must be prepared for the tough negotiations, stress, disappointments, etc. that you may have to deal with before your bike finally gets sold.

There is one other option of selling your bike, and that is to sell it through us. Selling your bike through us is called consignment, and it offers many benefits which makes it a great option for you in many regards. When you consign your bike to us for sale, you will retain ownership of your bike till we sell it and we will only have possession of it. Consignment is free, and the only cost you may bear is that of picking up your bike if you are not bringing it yourself and the repairs if necessary to get in good shape and ready for sale. Apart from that, all you have to do is deliver your bike to us, and we’ll handle the rest of the selling process.

Understanding Consignment

If you are planning to consign your bike, then it helps you to understand the process. It begins with you bringing your bike to our office in good condition; you should also come with all the bike documents. We will appraise the bike with you and determine an agreed value which will be the cost of the bike. Then a contract will be drafted showing the agreement every other detail necessary for the sale. Once this is done, you can leave with the documents or leave with us for safekeeping, and we will initiate the selling process. We will be responsible for advertising the bike on our website and any other form of advertisement necessary to get buyers for the bike. Once we find the right buyers, we will negotiate the sale and upon completion, transfer ownership of the bike to the buyer while you get the agreed amount for the sale of the bike.

Why You Should Use Consignment
  • Freeing up space in your home
  • Your bike is safe and secure.
  • We are responsible for the overall sale process.
  • We have access to information about potential buyers and what they are looking for, and we use this information to offer your bike to ready buyers.
  • If you want to exchange your bike, we can easily find you a swap deal with a buyer which will speed up the sale.

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